What is a Shopping Cart Template?

The Shopping Cart Templates makes up the general look and feel your clients experience when using the online gallery. You can also configure the shipping, handling, and tax rates in your Cart template. To start, click on the Shopping Cart tab and select Manage Cart Templates.

Click on any template name to begin customizing that template or build a new one from scratch using the big, green, +NEW button in the top-right corner.



You can modify the default template provided (or any template you create here after) by clicking on the template's name. You can also use the green + New button to start from scratch.

Give your template a unique name, wallpaper (or choose from one of the available presets), and set the Thank You for Ordering message for customers to see upon completing check out. You can also enable or disable basic cropping and editing features that are available to your clients.


Here is where you can customize the watermark settings for images viewed online by your clients. You can choose between a text or image watermark and choose the position applied. Use the Preview Watermark button to see it in action. 

Pro Tip: We recommend using Tiled Diagonal for the most coverage.


Shipping & Handling

Shipping & Handling allows you to customize the... Shipping and Handling rates and delivery methods of your shopping cart template. 

You can specify the shipment type between either direct shipment or pickup at a specified location - or let the customer decide using Customer Choice. You can also set the minimum order amount customers must have in their cart before proceeding to checkout.

Pro Tip: Use the Label text field to rename the Shipping and Handling fees in the cart.



The Tax section allows you to set the rate you'd like to tax on your orders. You can choose to tax all orders or just ones that involve shipping products. You also can set separate rates between physical orders and digital download orders.


How do I save my changes?

Click on the big, green SAVE button in the top-right corner to save the changes made to your template to the cloud. After saving, all the changes made will be immediately available on every machine you login to Blueprint with.

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